Why Volutz?

We’re proud of our cables because they’re good looking, but that is just a bonus. When you buy any cable, hopefully it will be charging and synchronizing your phone at great speeds just like you expect it to. The catch is that if the cable is cheaply made, it won’t hold for very long. Most cables won’t be close to achieving the same performance after 6 months, meaning your device won’t charge as fast and in worst cases, won’t charge at all. That’s where our cables are different.

In the cable industry we measure how long a cable will survive daily usage by counting how many “bends” a cable can tolerate and still work as intended. While most cables boast about 15’000 bends, which represents roughly 6 months, our cables still meet all requirements after 50’000 bends (even if they do look a bit roughed up). Meeting all requirement means that your device will be charging and synchronizing just as fast as before and should that not be the case - well that’s what the warranty is for!

So what is it that makes our cables last so much longer?

  • The first and most important part is how we make the connector housing, the harder parts at both ends of the cable, which is specifically designed to redirect tension away from the cable.
  • The second part is the cable itself. The cable body is a bit bigger to allow bigger copper cables inside. We want the copper cable to be thicker, because if it breaks, the cable won’t be charging anymore.
  • The third part is the materials we use. Volutz follows the manufacturing process from beginning to the end. We want the most time-enduring materials to ensure that we sell the same product we say we’re selling.

See it this way: would you rather buy a great cable that lasts for 6 months or a great cable that lasts for as long as you want it to?