Volutz Technology

All Volutz® USB cables offer extraordinary charge & sync rates. They support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 / 3.0 and other high-speed USB chargers and feature a thick copper cable with 18 to 24 AWG. The thicker copper cable means that our cables have an extremely low voltage drop, ensuring the optimal amount of Amps regardless of what cable length you’re using.

On top of that we’ve developed our own connector housing, which you can easily see hereunder. We’ve called it DualHousing™ to describe the fact that it is basically two parts helping each other do the very important job of redirecting tensions from the cable to the connector housing. The connector housing is reinforced, and works to spread out any stress put on the cable as a whole. It’s a dual disengaged layered housing isolating bending movement and protecting the otherwise fragile connector.


  • Hybrid durable material used for the rugged anti-fry strain-relief
  • Ultra-sleek beveled tip
  • Quad woven textile fabric braid ensures the cable is tangle-free and robust
  • Ridged side grip for ergonomic haptics

Dependable & Abuse-Friendly

With over 50’000 bends confirmed (120-degrees, 213g, 60 RPM), we can guarantee the durability of our cables: accidentally roll over them with your chair or pull them out a little hastily, those things can happen to anyone and should not break a cable. We back our promise with a 24 months warranty for the Equilibrium+ series and a lifetime warranty for the ArmorCord series.