Innovating with Volutz

At Volutz® we like to think outside the box. We want to prove that things can be done differently if you just put your mind to it. If there is something mankind is amazing at it would probably be solving problems and the puzzles life throws at us, especially when we band together.


We firmly believe that cables shouldn’t be seen as disposable items that are fated to break down after a short while. We would love to get people even more interested in tech, since it is inevitably becoming such a big part of our lives and because the more you know about something, the more educated decisions you’ll be able to make in that field.




DualHousing™ is our first step at changing something and we want to help change the world for the better. We are leading the charge with some of our colleagues to produce some of the cables with the lowest voltage drop, making them great for some projects where you can’t compromise on that kind of performance. We want to encourage people to challenge the usual way of thinking and help them innovate, which is why we proudly collaborate with different projects around the world. This has resulted in our cables being used for virtual reality gear such as SenseGlove, school projects and some of our cables are have even been flown up to the International Space Station!


No project is too big or small for us to at least try to help out. We realise not everyone loves cables as much as we do, so we’re happy to try to provide new projects with the optimal cables, especially if it has with sustainability or cutting-edge technology to do. All we want to do is make the world a better place (and sell amazing cables), so don’t hesitate on contacting us if you have an idea!