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Why does Volutz exist?

We are fed with soulful stories to make us consume soulless generics. All these stories are making our minds numb and indifferent. All these stories are consumed at an alarming rate while inflamed by tech gurus and influencers.

Volutz was born 2012 out of necessity. Discovering there is very little difference between a gas station cable and a premium priced cable; Volutz was created around a simple idea:


In time that idea evolved into a mission to change a completely collapsed system where the strong prey on the “unknowing”, which proved a lot more challenging and fun than ever expected. 

Who hasn’t seen videos showing a cable used to tow a truck? Our cables can do that too, but it does not prove durability because the main issues to USB cable giving up are derived from daily wear & tear; low intensity, daily use and abuse that builds over time to wear down vital components. It’s certainly not as entertaining as a USB cable towing a truck or a USB cable indestructible by a chainsaw.

Most of all, our story is about not being indifferent, not conforming and staying passionate about haptics and craftsmanship spirit. 

We do not believe in generic products manufactured under marginalized conditions. A substandard product differentiated by a logo and a fancy package is going to give up fast and end up as waste; polluting our environment.

We refuse to compromise, and we refuse the wear and tear mentality of the industry and this is the reason we have been developing our cables for 7 years.