Product Information

Product Information

USB C to USB A 2.0

Color Size EAN Images
JET BLACK 1M 7350097671557 Images
JET BLACK 2M 7350097671151 Images
JET BLACK 3M 7350097671250 Images
MOSS GREEN 1M 7350097671427 Images
MOSS GREEN 2M 7350097671267 Images
MOSS GREEN 3M 7350097671502 Images
ORCHID GREY 0.3M 7350097670116 Images
ORCHID GREY 1M 7350097671403 Images
ORCHID GREY 2M 7350097671441 Images
ORCHID GREY 3M 7350097671489 Images
ROSE GOLD 1M 7350097671434 Images
ROSE GOLD 2M 7350097671472 Images
ROSE GOLD 3M 7350097671519 Images
RUBY RED 1M 7350097671410 Images
RUBY RED 2M 7350097671458 Images
RUBY RED 3M 7350097671496 Images
COLOR-CODED Multipack 7350097670710 Images
SNOW-WHITE 1.5M 7350097672257 Images
BLACK 3M 7350097672264 Images

Lightning to USB A 2.0

Color Size EAN Images
JET BLACK 0.9M 7350097671243 Images
JET BLACK 1.8M 7350097671236 Images
JET BLACK 3M 7350097671526 Images
MOSS GREEN 0.9M 7350097670819 Images
MOSS GREEN 1.8M 7350097671182 Images
MOSS GREEN 3M 7350097670437 Images
ROSE GOLD 0.9M 7350097670796 Images
ROSE GOLD 1.8M 7350097670833 Images
ROSE GOLD 3M 7350097670444 Images
ORCHID GREY 0.3M 7350097670468 Images
ORCHID GREY 0.9M 7350097670802 Images
ORCHID GREY 1.8M 7350097670840 Images
ORCHID GREY 3M 7350097670420 Images
RUBY RED 0.9M 7350097670826 Images
COLOR-CODED Multipack 7350097670703 Images
SNOW-WHITE 1.5M 7350097672240 Images
BLACK 3M 7350097672233 Images

Micro-USB to USB A

Color Size EAN Images
JET BLACK 3M 7350097671533 Images
MOSS GREEN 1M 7350097671304 Images
MOSS GREEN 2M 7350097671274 Images
MOSS GREEN 3M 7350097671380 Images
ORCHID GREY 0.3M 7350097671342 Images
ORCHID GREY 1M 7350097671281 Images
ORCHID GREY 2M 7350097671328 Images
ORCHID GREY 3M 7350097671366 Images
ROSE GOLD 1M 7350097671311 Images
ROSE GOLD 2M 7350097671359 Images
ROSE GOLD 3M 7350097671397 Images
RUBY RED 1M 7350097671298 Images
RUBY RED 2M 7350097671335 Images
RUBY RED 3M 7350097671373 Images
COLOR-CODED Multipack 7350097670697 Images

Lightning to USB C

Color Size EAN Images
JET BLACK 1.8M 7350097671540 Images
ORCHID GREY 0.9M 7350097671045 Images
ORCHID GREY 1.8M 7350097671083 Images
RUBY RED 0.9M 7350097671052 Images
RUBY RED 1.8M 7350097671090 Images
ROSE GOLD 0.9M 7350097671021 Images
ROSE GOLD 1.8M 7350097671069 Images
MOSS GREEN 0.9M 7350097671038 Images
MOSS GREEN 1.8M 7350097671076 Images
SNOW-WHITE 1.5M 7350097672868 Images
BLACK 3M 7350097672851 Images

USB C till USB C

Color Size EAN Images
JET BLACK 2M 7350097671175 Images
JET BLACK 1M 7350097671564 Images
ROSE GOLD 1M 7350097670932 Images
ROSE GOLD 2M 7350097570970 Images
ROSE GOLD 3M 7350097671014 Images
ORCHID GREY 0.3M 7350097671144 Images
ORCHID GREY 1M 7350097670901 Images
ORCHID GREY 2M 7350097670949 Images
ORCHID GREY 3M 7350097670987 Images
MOSS GREEN 1M 7350097670925 Images
MOSS GREEN 2M 7350097670963 Images
MOSS GREEN 3M 7350097671007 Images
RUBY RED 1M 7350097670918 Images
RUBY RED 2M 7350097670956 Images
RUBY RED 3M 7350097670994 Images
SNOW-WHITE 1.5M 7350097672844 Images
BLACK 3M 7350097672332 Images

Travel charger

Color Type EAN Images
SNOW-WHITE 20W USB-C Wall Charger with Lightning Cable 7350097672295 Images
SNOW-WHITE 20W USB-C Wall Charger with USB-C Cable 7350097672301 Images
SNOW-WHITE 20W Ultra-flat USB-C Wall Charger 7350097672288 Images(German text) Images(Swedish text)
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