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Launched during the spring of 2010 in Sweden, we started with an idea of channeling our creativity and passion for inventions and making things that work the way we wanted them to work. From there, we've grown alongside the evolution of technology. We only manufacture products that we as consumers, would want and need, why we only carry a small selection of Products.

Volutz® is a brand of Swedish corporation Bonum Mane AB with organization number: 559009-1350 VAT: SE559009135001


Volutz® has grown through the years but has kept its core mission of offering products with a spirit of real craftsmanship in terms of both design and quality. We are dedicated in crafting works of arts in the form of tech accessories. We are continuously working hard to think of the best products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are functional as well. We are not in the business of re-labelling a product with our brand.

A Volutz® product is much more than a gadget or accessory. We invest a lot of creativity and passion in each of our products, why we keep our selection of products at a minimum.

At Volutz®, we also believe in social & environmental responsibility. We acknowledge that earth's resources are limited, that's why we are using soy ink on our recyclable packaging. Aside from that, our PET packages fulfil strict RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directives in EU.


We love the way products was manufactured in the past opposed to today's mass production and cheaper-the-better frenzy. Unfortunately cheap is good and cheap is taking over the retail space, both online and on the store shelves. We ask ourselves; does cheap need to be cheap or can cheap be simply wallet-friendly. We use our passion for perfection and creativity to fuel our roots and dedication never to compromise on quality.

Each of our products is a work of art with distinctive details and superior haptic. We are proud to put our name on all our products, and we hope you will be proud showing off your Volutz® gear when using them.


Despite several "best-in-class" products, we cannot and will not be happy. Our updated Slogan is a symbol for our ever changing environment. Our promise to you is never to stop and be happy but to go on and continue challenging ourselves and our industry.

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We are strong advocates for fair trade, human rights, gender equality and anything else that is sustainable and results in a better tomorrow.
Foremost we are humans and we want to help.

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