Volutz Technology


All Volutz® USB cables offer extraordinary charge & sync rates. Fully supporting Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 / 3.0 and other high-speed USB chargers with speeds up to 3 amperes. For fast charge, you need 2.4 Amps USB charger and cable with thick copper gauge (low resistance) and this is where Volutz wins every time! Our cables are stylish, rugged and provides you with the fastest charge & sync, with 20 AWG power wires.


      • Hybrid durable material used for the rugged anti-fry strain-relief
      • Ultra-sleek beveled tip
      • Quad woven textile fabric braid ensures the cable is tangle-free and robust
      • Ridged side grip for ergonomic haptics
      • Included cable organizer helps optimize cable length

Dependable & Abuse-Friendly

With a confirmed 50.000+ bending tolerance (120-degrees, 213g, 60 RPM), we guarantee ruggedness. Twist them in & out, throw them off a rooftop, even roll over them a couple times with your office chair and they still work. We back our promise with 24 months warranty.

Dual Housing™ Technology

It took us 7 years to perfect our DUALHOUSING technology. All Volutz cables are built on proprietary technology; a dual disengaged layered housing isolating bending movements and protecting the otherwise fragile connector.