Micro USB to USB Cable (1 m) - Ruby Red

$ 16.39
  • Volutz - Designed and Engineered in Sweden with the environment in mind and certified by independent laboratories.
  • USB to Micro USB Cable with low resistance (19/26 AWG), high speed data transfer and faster charging time than conventional Micro USB charging cable with a stronger copper core.
  • Volutz DualHousing technology along with Nylon braiding reinforcement guarantees durability even beyond 50.000 bends.
  • Specifically designed to fit the Micro USB connection dimensions to make the cable compatible with any Micro USB-charge device, providing great performance and durability. Compatible with all major devices thanks to its internationally slim plug design (4.2 mm instead of standard 6.5 mm).
  • Includes: Armorcord Micro USB to USB 3.1 cable with a cable organiser in its Eco-friendly retail paper box package (Soy-ink), 2-year warranty.
  • Engineered for sustainability - a strong cable challenging the idea that USB cables are disposable and should be replaced every year.