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  • Volutz - Designed and Engineered in Sweden with the environment in mind and certified by independent laboratories.
  • USB to Micro USB Cable with low resistance (19/26 AWG), high speed data transfer and faster charging time than conventional Micro USB charging cable with a stronger copper core.
  • Volutz DualHousing technology along with Nylon braiding reinforcement guarantees durability even beyond 50.000 bends.
  • Specifically designed to fit the Micro USB connection dimensions to make the cable compatible with any Micro USB-charge device, providing great performance and durability. Compatible with all major devices thanks to its internationally slim plug design (4.2 mm instead of standard 6.5 mm).
  • Includes: Armorcord Micro USB to USB 3.1 cable with a cable organiser in its Eco-friendly retail paper box package (Soy-ink), 2-year warranty.
  • Engineered for sustainability - a strong cable challenging the idea that USB cables are disposable and should be replaced every year.
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In need for speed?
The Armorcord Series Micro-USB cable offers extraordinary charge and great sync rates while without the need of a bulky cable. The data transfer rates are the fastest a Micro USB can provide.

Really tough, dependable and abuse-friendly
Volutz technology combined with world-class components and material choices results in unrivaled durability with 50,000+ bending tolerance. Twist them in and out, throw them off a rooftop, even roll over them with your office chair and they will still work.

Clever design
The slim beveled Micro-USB plug is only 3.8mm at the tip; fitting into any protective case charging port and giving you superior handling haptic. Includes a cable organizer for adjusting the perfect length or easy storage.

DualHousing technology
USB Cables, in general, are considered as disposables, which is something Volutz strongly disagrees with. All Volutz USB cables are built on proprietary DualHousing technology to firmly fix connector and isolate bending movements resulting in 15x prolonged lifespan compared to standard Micro USB cables.

Wide compatibility
Most Android and Windows phones, tablets and many other devices including; Samsung / Nexus / HTC / Motorola / Nokia / LG / Sony / Blackberry / PS4 Controllers / Xbox / PS Vita / GoPro / GPS devices / battery packs / Bluetooth speakers / hard drives / e-readers / printers and more.

Note: Not compatible with USB Type C devices. Consult us prior to purchase if unsure via care@volutz.com

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