Lightning to USB Cable (3 m) - Moss Green

$ 32.89
  • Revolutionary durability
  • Reinforcement nylon sheathed cable combined with unique design. 
  • MFI certified Apple cables with DualHousing technology guarantee the best protection + 15x longer lifetime.
  • Reinforced nylon jacketed USB Lightning cable that guarantees up to 50,000+ flex tolerance.
  • 20-43% faster charging time than most Lightning cables
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Our Lightning USB cable is faster than traditional 1m Apple iPhone cables (19/26 AWG).
20-43% faster charging time than most Lightning cables even if our cable is 1,8m, that speaks for itself. 

Volutz is Swedish patented craftsmanship. All products are independently developed and manufactured with a focus on performance and longevity.

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All Volutz® USB cables offer extraordinary charge & sync rates. Fully supporting Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 / 3.0 and other high-speed USB chargers with speeds up to 3 amperes. For fast charge, you need 2.4 Amps USB charger and cable with thick copper gauge (low resistance) and this is where Volutz wins every time! Our cables are stylish, rugged and provides you with the fastest charge & sync with 20 AWG power wires.

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