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CSR at Volutz

The term corporate social responsibility (CSR), also known as sustainable business practice, is used to describe the work company’s do that has a positive impact on local society, the environment and the economy. In 2011, the EU Commission defined CSR as the ‘responsibility of enterprises for their impacts on society’. Efforts to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, promotion of equal career opportunities, and involvement with local communities are examples of CSR initiatives.

The scope of the term CSR has expanded dramatically over the years and now covers aspects of business operations as diverse as corruption in supply chains and local environmental efforts including areas such as paper recycling, the sustainable use of resources, minimizing environmental footprints and reducing water consumption.

We manufacture and design Power supply & electronic peripherals that we would need and want. We do these with utmost care to detail and quality as we keep our commitment to having a clean and green environment and with social and economic equality in mind.

Every action has a reaction. At Volutz, we believe in corporate social responsibility. We acknowledge that earth’s resources are limited and that there are great injustices based on race, gender, sex and religion. We hope to be able to help fight inequalities and injustice and we are willing to do more than just issue a check. Stay tuned for coming Volutz events.

Our commitment

We can’t demand things of others that we do not expect from ourselves. Our commitment to a better world starts with Volutz. As a growing business we start by making environmental responsibilities part of our everyday personal and professional lives.

More specifically:

  • All our packages are 100 % environmentally friendly meaning they are completely degradable with minimal efforts.
  • We use soy ink in our recyclable packaging. Our PET packages fulfill strict RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directives in EU.
  • All materials used in our products are 100% toxic free and fully degradable.
  • We cut down on our paper usage by not printing non-necessities and opting to use digital presentations on all our meetings.
  • Whenever we need to use paper, we print on both sides.
  • We conserve energy by turning off lights and machines that are not in use.
  • We recycle. We put recycling bins in the office so that employees and visitors can separate recyclables such as office paper, newspapers, glass bottles and others. These go to the recycling plant.
  • We also buy office supplies that are made of recycled products.

Third-party affiliates

Factories, affiliates, distributors and other parties are scrutinized and carefully handpicked not only because of the quality they keep but also in terms of following values

  • Environment policy
  • Gender equality
  • Work environment
  • Transparant and Fair-trade practices

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